Hull YFC
Prayer Requests

March 2021

Hull YFC works in the Boulevard area of West Hull. Please support our work through prayer to see changes in the lives of young people and their families who face many challenging circumstances.

Please pray for:

Our former trustee Jan Denison passed away very recently after a short illness. Please remember her husband and family in your thoughts and prayers. She was part of HYFC around 2005 and helped at some of our activities in addition to being on the board of trustees. She was always interested in staff members wellbeing, often taking time out to meet up with them and provide a listening ear.

Families we know who are expecting and worrying about test results. May they know the peace of Jesus and be free from anxiety while waiting and that the results would be all clear.

For Orts as the group restarts. Some of the women have been feeling quite isolated so it will be good for them to experience the support they have missed. Pray people would continue to experience God’s presence and care.

Our Easter plans as we put together packs to hand out to families and share the message of the resurrection. We would like to provide Eastere eggs for children along with themed activities and treats for parents. Pray the Holy Spirit would work in people’s hearts and minds so that the good news of hope and new life would impact those we know.

Please give thanks for:

The many parents locally who have been home schooling their children during the latest lockdown. It has not been an easy time with a cold, long winter, the challenge of children at home and a growing sense of weariness. But families have been doing their best and we pray that a return to some normality with schools re-opening will be beneficial to parents and children.

Schools reopening on March 8th and the staff at Chiltern School as they prepare for the return of children. Pray that their plans will keep everyone safe while enabling children to adjust back to the classroom environment quickly and help them to catch up on missed learning.

The recent Orts online session. Some of the women have been feeling very isolated so this was a good opportunity for people to chat together and focus on ways that the group helped them feel supported.

Prayer Focus:

Each month we will endeavour to share a bit more detail about a young person or adult that we are supporting and ask you to pray for them as much as possible throughout the month. Names are changed to maintain confidentiality.

For some time now, the Hull YFC team and trustees have been prayerfully considering if there is a more direct way we can intervene in the persistent and pervasive issue of generational unemployment. We have seen the profound effects it has on self-esteem, identity and so consequently relationships and even faith journeys of those in our community. With the arrival of Ian and Iona, it was decided that Rich would be given a new role to focus on this and explore trying something very different. We would greatly value your prayer as he prepares and begins our first venture: a garden maintenance enterprise - Sycamore Gardening. Our plan is that by offering this service we will be able to fund paid employment places to individuals our work is currently supporting. Our hope is that the opportunity will serve young people who are struggling to find work, the long-term unemployed or those who have struggled to hold down a role, by providing an opportunity to work in a trade, gather work experience and develop work habits. We are looking to begin in April. Please pray as Rich makes the necessary preparations, finds funding to cover the start up cost and eventually begins to build a customer base. Please also pray for those who we have in mind to become part of the project in time.

Thank you so much for your prayer support, it is such an encouragement to us and so vital for the work that we do here.

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